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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I sit the APLH Exam in my own language?

The APLH for England and Wales examinations are only available in the English languages at this time.

Why do I need a licensee?

To become a Licensee under the Licensing Act 2003 to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol by retail or the supply of alcohol you will have to hold a personal licence. In order to qualify for a personal licence, you must by law study and pass a licensing qualification.

The APLH for England and Wales or the SCPLH for Scotland.

How do I get a 'Personal Licence'?

To qualify for a licence to sell alcohol you will require training and a qualification for the Personal Licence Holder. You can attend a one day instructor led course, sitting the examination at the end of the day, on a successful pass you will receive a certificate that will allow you to apply to your local Licensing Authority for your Personal Licence.

You can study the APLH or the SCPLH On-Line, this is a study course only, you will have to sit your final exam at an approved centre, which are located throughout the UK

Steps To Take

  1. Complete a training course (1 day or eLearning) as above
  2. Pass a multi choice exam 40 questions 28 correct to pass
  3. Get a CRB certificate/Police check
  4. Get 2 x passport photo's
  5. Apply to the Council where you live for your licence

Is it a different licence for Scotland?
Yes, the APLH is for England & Wales, whereas the SCPLH is for Scotland. These are different and have their own syllabus and exams.
I have my certificate, what do I do now?
Send it to the licensing authority or board to whom you are making your personal licence application.

You will also need to include, a completed application form, CRB certificate, 2 x passport photo's and the required fee.
If you are not sure who is your licensing authority click here.
How do I get a CRB or police check?
A Basic CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) Disclosure certificate which may be obtained from Disclosure Scotland. Link to Disclosure Scotland.
Do all my staff need a licence?
Not necessary, with a current licence holder who can authorise others to sell alcohol. However; You may be required by your licensing Authority to have more than one person as a licence holder.
Do I need to take a 'DPS' course?
No. If you hold a personal licence to sell alcohol you can become the DPS through the premises licence application to your licensing authority.
Is staff training in 'Underage Sales Prevention' required by law?
How do I train my staff in the Scottish law for Service of Alcohol?
Does a 'Home Delivery Service' need a licence to deliver alcohol?

The delivery to a residential address does not require a licence by the delivery agent; However the storage warehouse will require both the Personal and Premises Licenses.

Please Note: You should contact your licensing authority for advice as they are the body that governs the law within their area.